Bath, England

This listing is from the same European trip I took with my sister. This is a fountain in Bath, England. We went to Bath the same day that we went to Stonehenge. I’ll talk about Stonehenge later. But Bath was incredible. Built around an existing hot spring, the Romans were the first to establish an actual spa at the location. Although, it is believed people were visiting before then. Parts of the original Roman spa still exist. The history and the beauty are just captivating. I took lots and lots of photos, of course. I do recall it was a cold and rainy day, as were all of our days in England. We went to a small tea shop and had a true afternoon tea. It was so nice and relaxing. Why don’t Americans have afternoon tea? A great memory that makes me crave clotted cream.

This photo is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

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