The beach is just beachy

As I previously mentioned, my husband took me to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida for Christmas last year. It was heaven. Beautiful warm weather every day. The sunsets were amazing. I did not miss home nor did I wish for a white Christmas. I did miss my cats, but that’s another story.

We stayed in The Neptune. It’s a lovely inexpensive hotel right on the beach. Maybe 150 units there. I like small places like that – no elevators. We did not get a suite facing the beach because that would have been too costly. We just had to poke our heads out the door to see the beach, though.  I spent most of my time sitting on the beach in a beach chair provided by the hotel. It was quiet and lovely. There were a few kids there, but they weren’t wild and splashing about madly in the pool as lots of children often do.

I don’t imagine we’ll make it back the beach for Christmas this year, but I’m sure we’ll get there sometime this winter. When we do, I might just take my own chair, so I don’t have worry about the retirees beating me to it.


6 thoughts on “The beach is just beachy

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