I love my cats. I really do – But….

I’ve got an old cat that’s like 125 years old. She’s hungry all of the time and too cranky to take to the vet. I have to check her occasionally to make sure she’s still breathing. Then, I’ve got a tortie that likes to make noise – lots of noise. Annoying noise , at 4 am. She also likes to poke at our faces at the same time. And right now, my boy cat, Jackie Moon, is acting like a teenage bully. He chases everyone, corners them. He promptly gets his ass handed to him, but he keeps going back for more. He is neutered, so that’s not the problem. My other boy cat, Hyler, is sick. The vet thinks allergies, but apparently, chlorpheniramine has a distinctive smell. He knows when I try to hide it in his food. So, I’ve had to do it the old fashioned way and shove it down his gullet. This makes no one happy. May is fine, but I think she’s biding her time. She’s still fairly new to us. Meadow is shaped like a large balloon and begs for food. She’s been known to steal it right out my husband’s hands. At least, she doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night.


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