I love Halloween. I like the dark, gothic themes. I’m quite fond of the black cat decor. I like seeing everyone dressed up. Some people go crazy with their costumes. My parents used to take it pretty seriously. And my sister does a impressive costume and party every year.  In the past several years, I’ve had to work. So I never did much. I haven’t decorated in years. This year, I’m super busy right now. But it promises to slow down a bit soon. So, should I bother to decorate? Is it too late? Does it matter? It’s on a Wednesday this year, so there won’t be any parties. There likely won’t be any trick or treaters either. I should point out that when I’ve decorated in the past, I’ve had a problem removing the decorations in a timely manner. That could be a problem, too. Maybe I should just plan to leave it up until it’s time to decorate for Christmas. There’s an idea I can get behind. Which makes me think of the awesomeness that Christmas decorating holds. The lights and the color. I think I’m looking forward to it this year.


Vintage plastic lights that I bought on Etsy.


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