Daily Prompts

As I sit in my favorite spot on the back porch (fortunately, it was unoccupied.) on what is likely the last warm day of the season, listening to the neighbor’s child scream and cry (I mean SCREAM), I ponder the daily prompts. They have all been fine prompts, but I haven’t been able to use any of them for an actual blog.


What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you? I don’t think I’ll ever have control of what some one says about me. I gave up worrying about that along time ago.


Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all. There are things I know a lot about. Things I think I know a lot about. Things I know nothing about, but pretend to. And none of those things is complicated. Furthermore, I am not a very good teacher. If some one wants to know how to do something, I try my best to teach them. But I’ve been told I go too fast. I leave too much out. I’m just not very good at this sort of thing. I’m not very patient.


Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post. What? I could write the greatest, most profound post. I could solve world peace, world hunger and why cats pee inappropriately. But it wouldn’t matter, people would still only remember that my cats pee inappropriately.

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