Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

I live to eat. Food is not just sustenance for me. I mean, yeah, there are days when I eat just to keep myself from getting that hunger headache or passing out. And you can bet I’m sick that day. If I am feeling down, frustrated or angry, I turn to food.  I know the experts say this is a bad thing. I am not overweight, in fact I am a pretty healthy person. I work out. I usually don’t eat fried or fattening foods. I prefer food that gets its flavor from fresh herbs and spices. The truth I think the first few bites are always the best.

When we  go on vacation, we scope all the local joints. We have found some great places that way. There have been a few times, I’ve considered moving to the place just for the food. When I hear that one of my favorite restaurants is closing, I feel loss.

I enjoy cooking, but I like eating more. So, I allow other people to cook for me as often as possible. My husband knows that if he wants to make me happy, he should take me out to some place different to eat. We have now discovered a place that delivers from almost 30 restaurants. I think we are keeping them in business, we order from the so much.

Yes, I live to eat. If the doctors told me I had a short time to live, I would likely spend the last days of my life trying to find the perfect food.

Birthday Brunch from the Crown and Goose Gastro Pub in Knoxville

Birthday Brunch from the Crown and Goose Gastro Pub in Knoxville

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

  1. Hello Purple Rosemary, that’s a beautiful photo (and I think I know because I’m not expert on photography but I am expert about good food! LOL). I also want to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holiday, whichever you prefer and also Happy New Year to you and family and cats 🙂

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