Bottom out

Winter is hard on me. Seasonal Affective Disorder is the term they use. I thought I had it under control. The depression. The darkness. The dead feeling. But it has rained for 4 straight days. And we are looking at a few days more. I have a special light that my husband digs out in the fall. I try to use it. In fact, it’s on right now. But it isn’t helping much. I still feel like crawling into a corner and sleeping for the next 4 months. Is there a point to this? Probably not. Just rambling. I’m sure I’ll feel better when the sun comes back out.


4 thoughts on “Bottom out

  1. Ah, the healing power of the sun. I hope you don’t have to wait too long before you can bask it its radiance again. In the meantime, I agree with sakuraandme: stay here, chat with us… Maybe if you write about running around out in the sun and can picture your words in your head it will help? Can you feel the sun on your skin, soft and warm? Can you hear the birds calling in the trees? Can you smell the flowers blooming?

  2. I have bipolar and I can flip up or down during winter and spring, it’s the worst for me. I seriously don’t know how people can live in places like Seattle and England where dreary can be a constant. I hope the light works for you soon and the rain lets up for the clouds to part. It’s good to can communicate, though. That’s a definitely positive sign.

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