The truth behind the name

Daily Prompt: All About Me – Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

It’s probably not hard to figure out. But I am going to tell you anyway. Because I like talking about my blog.

Well, purple is my favorite color for, oh, so many reasons. I look great in royal purple. Get it, royal purple? It’s the color of queens and kings.

Rosemary is my favorite herb. I love the way it grows. It’s easy and effortless. It smells fantastic. It tastes great. And it’s so diverse. I made a turkey and stuffing with fresh rosemary at Thanksgiving. And then, at Christmas I made a wreath with it. All of it from my own Rosemary bush.

Rosemary Bush

Rosemary Bush

Rosemary Wreath

Rosemary Wreath


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5 thoughts on “The truth behind the name

  1. Thanks for the pingback. I’ve wanted to make my own Christmas wreat for a few years, but keep coming up with excuses not to. I like the idea of using rosemary better than pine. Maybe this year

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