Share Your World – 2013 Week 9

Share Your World – 2013 Week 9

How do you write: computer, longhand or other? In the early stages of a story, I will longhand the idea. Then transfer it to the computer and go from there.

Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility:  If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?  Or if you can’t picture yourself playing sports, what is your favorite sport? When I was a kid, I wanted to be a swimmer. But my school did not have a swim team. I probably would not have had the discipline for it anyway. Now, it would be cycling. I used to ride my bike every where. But it’s too dangerous where I live.

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?  Writing or gardening or saving companion animals. There is too much to choose from. I think I might be too indecisive.

What subject was your favorite in all of your schooling? Why? Photography. I took a photo class to fill a space in college. I fell in love instantly. I needed a way to express myself artistically. I was a terrible painter. I did not have the discipline for sculpture. Something about the ability to use light and shadow to express my emotions spoke to me. It still does.


                        A photo that I took in college.


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