Share Your World – 2013 Week 24

Share Your World – 2013 Week 24

If you had to eat only three meals/food for one month, what would you choose? Greek Yogurt, Tuna (if I can change the way I make it), and spicy Pad Thai.

For your main meal do you prefer sweet and sour, hot and spicy, spicy and sweet, bitter, salty, bland or other? Spicy and sweet has it’s place, but hot and spicy wins every time.

Do you prefer eating things with nuts or no nuts? I love nuts. I like them as just a snack on their own. I like them in other foods for texture.

For potlucks or parties do you cook it yourself, buy from a grocery store, or pay for catering? It depends. If I have plenty of time to make something before the party, I’ll usually make something. If I have too much to do otherwise, I buy it.

Jars of peppers and pickles from my sister.

Jars of peppers and pickles from my sister.


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