Things I’ve learned about myself while cooking

The way we eat says a lot about us. So does the way we prepare food. These are the things I’ve learned about myself while cooking.

1.I would be a terrible basketball player. If I drop something on the floor and try to chuck into the sink, I always miss. It either ends up on the floor again or on the counter beside the sink.

2. I’m slow. I would fail spectacularly on any of those cooking contests. They are always timed. While everyone else is finishing up, I’d still be cutting my cucumbers. Or I would lose a finger. Either way wouldn’t work out well.

3.I have poor planning skills. If you have read any of the recipes I’ve placed on here, you will find that I always have to find a substitution for something. I can go to the store, with list in hand, and still miss something. “Oh, surely, I have that at home.” Why do I always think that? I never have anything at home. If I do, it’s so damn old it could be called antique.

This is what I learned yesterday while preparing salsa. I wasn’t even cooking.


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