Photo Plans

Since my sweet hubby bought me a new camera for my birthday, I have wanted nothing more than to just shoot photos all day. But I still have to work and do other things. So this Saturday, I convinced my assistant, who also poses as my husband, to go shooting with me.

My Assistant

My Assistant

So, we got up bright and early to get on the road. Because I want to shoot sunrise photos in a particular location. We realized pretty quickly that we were going to miss the sunrise. We had gotten up too late. But on the road, we saw this. So we pulled over quick for me to take a few shots of this. They came out okay. But not fantastic.



We moved on to our original destination. We went to a place in called The Cove at Concord Park in Knoxville, TN so that I could take some shots that I’d been thinking about for awhile. As I said, I wanted to get there for the sunrise. But we were too lazy for that. It ended up being really foggy anyway. But I think they came out pretty nicely. Here’s a sample.

The Cove

The Cove

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