Daily Prompt: Community Service

Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

There are a great many things I would like to say to my community. Some are nice, some not so much. But the most important point I would like to get across is to SPAY / NEUTER YOUR PETS! We have an epidemic of pet overpopulation. It’s an easy fix (see what I did there?).  My neighbor has a Chihuahua that runs the neighborhood like she owns it. I live on a very busy road, mind you. She runs across the road and down the street. That, in itself, is annoying and sad to me. I keep waiting to find her dead in the road. The worst part? He won’t spay her. She recently went into heat. A strange dog, which I had never seen before showed up to promptly impregnate her. What is the point of allowing this? You can’t sell those puppies. So, now you have puppies that you have to find a home for. “Oh, I found homes for them.” You say? It’s a safe bet that before half of those puppies turn 1, they’ll end up in a high intake shelter. A high intake shelter will most likely have to euthanize them or another dog just to make room for them. Do you understand how many animals are euthanized each year here? Thousands. Thousands of healthy animals euthanized because you couldn’t be bothered to spay / neuter your dog or cat.  “I can’t afford it.” Bullshit. Most communities offer free or discounted spay / neuter services. Our community offers it in several different locations. Hell, they used to have a shuttle that would come to you. But you people were too damn stupid to use it. Can you tell I’m getting upset? I better end this rant now. Spay / neuter your pets. There is not purpose in allowing this problem to continue.

These are pets that have been saved from sure, premature death by either myself or another kind soul. There are thousands more. “Don’t buy while shelter animals die.”


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