Missing Alexandra the Great

I just found out that my cat Alexandra the Great who passed away early this year, may have been part of a mass dump. Instead of being cremated and returned to me. On my shelf, there are three boxes, three boxes supposedly containing the cremains of my cats. I chose to have my cats cremated because I wanted them with me. I did not choose to bury them, because I knew that I would eventually be moving from my current home.  I wanted them with me. I wanted their cremains to be buried with mine.  And now, now, I learn those cremains may be just ashes. Ashes from what? Are those someone else’s beloved pet? Are they just wood ashes? Does it matter?


I have heard stories of this before several years ago, we had a similar incident where hundreds of animals were dumped on the side of the road instead of cremated and returned to their people. At the time, I thought, would it matter so much to me? I know that my cats are dead. It’s just the leftovers, isn’t it? It’s just the shell. Like the plastic wrapper from a piece of candy, once the goodness inside is gone, it’s just trash. But is it? I find it does matter to me. I find my heart breaking for my poor Schmoo, quite likely lying in a pit with other animals, rotting into the earth.


There are a great many people who will not understand this for various reasons. And that’s okay. I don’t need you to.  

2 thoughts on “Missing Alexandra the Great

  1. I can’t bring myself to “like” this post. My heart just breaks…again…for you. I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now and I can only imagine that I would be in jail after learning of this because someone would feel my wrath. It will surely take time but try to have some faith (hope?) that the ashes you have are Alexandra’s and, if they aren’t…well…they aren’t…but they are surely another pet who was loved in their lifetime and now missed in death…. In the end, you and Alexandra the Great will be together again. That I know. Sending you a big hug…and an angry fist on behalf of all pet lovers.

  2. This situation is so crappy that I don’t have the words to adequately express my outrage. Alex is with you–she will always be with you. But, what that crematorium has done is criminal. I hope the owners are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Speaking of which, my advice: Lawyer up. Don’t take this shit lying down. This is serious. Sue the hell out of them. Alex is your child–a family member. She deserves an advocate in death. Go after the crematorium for their fraud.

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