2014 Goals

Goals for 2014

This is my list of goals for 2014. At the bottom, I address my list from 2013.


  1. Travel more. Because I need to see something besides my yard and my desk at work.
  2. Get better at photography. If I’m going to be travelling more, I need to be able to shoot some awesome stuff.
  3. Leave my comfort zone. I think I’m becoming a hermit. Or possibly a ghost.
  4. Write more. Write better. Write more better?
  5. Be more patient.
  6. Be a more social person. My social skills suck. I know it. Everyone I know, knows it. People I don’t know, know it. So, I’ll be working on that.
  7. Keep my awesome job.

2013 Goals

  1. Keep my job. I won’t lie. I am terrified of losing my job. I have a bad habit of constantly waiting for bad things to happen. I kept it! Still want to keep it.
  2. I would like to be able to travel more. I love to travel and we haven’t done any this year. I have reasons for not traveling right now. It would be nice to be able to do so soon. Did not do this. Nope. I actually did less traveling this year than ever. Ugh.
  3. I would like to take more photos. See above. Did this. But mostly at my house. Boring.
  4. I would like for my husband to either find a new job or find happiness in his current job. He found a new job! He hates it!
  5. I would like for my friends to find happiness and peace. Some did. Some did not.
  6. I would like for my family to find happiness and peace. Some did. Some did not.
  7. I would like to stop hearing about politics for a few days. What was I thinking? Politics never stop.
  8. I would like to see my novel grow and become something I can be proud of. Getting there.
  9. I would like to get the windows on my house clean. Hahahahahahaha! Dirtier than ever.
  10. As long as we are talking about things that will likely never happen – I’d like to win the lottery. I did not win the lottery. However, I feel pretty darn lucky right now. I’ve got a great job, a great husband, good family and friends.
  11. Oh, and world peace, of course. Did not happen.


Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Ft. Myers Beach, Florida


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