Scary Moment

Every night I do a cat head count before bed. I like to make sure no one is stuck in a closet or the room the dog stays in. So, the other night, I was missing one. I looked around for her in her usual hiding spots. No Diana. I looked in the hiding places the other cats use. Nope. I called for her, nothing. She usually does come to me if I call. I shook the treat bag, 4 other cats appear, but not her. I check the mud room, thinking she may have sneaking in there when we got home from dinner. I peaked in there and peaked behind the crap loaded up in there. I could hear her, faintly crying. I thought she must be on the back porch. It’s screened in, so not an alarming thing. I grab a flashlight and go out. I can hear her out there. She’s really loud. I realize she is standing on the outside of the porch, crying to come in. I can only think of what may have happened if I hadn’t of insisted on finding her. Most times, I just assume the cat is hiding some place and will appear when ready. But Diana doesn’t really hide like that, so I insisted on finding her. I am so glad I did. She is an older cat and I don’t know what being out in the cold for too long would do to her. Our current theory is that she sneaked out the door behind me and Vinnie when we went out for a last walk of the evening. She was not overly cold, so she could not have been out long.

11 thoughts on “Scary Moment

  1. She’s so cute! I had never seen a cat this color before in person until the other day when I was at Petsmart and they had a cat for adoption that looked like your Diana. I love love love it!

  2. My Sakura is purely an inside cat. When I can’t find her I always freak out that she may have got out when I came in without me seeing. I soooo understand how you felt! Hugs Paula xxxxx

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