Artist’s assistant

In an effort to make some more of this fabric art, I went to the craft store. While looking at different types of thread and embroidery silks, I spotted these spools of thread. They were in a clear plastic container and so many lovely colors. I had been having trouble deciding which colors to buy. This made it easy. All the colors!

I got them home and started eyeing them as art in their own right. I don’t usually set up scenes or items for shooting as fine art. I shoot product photographs for a living, so it’s not something I do in my art. But these spools were calling to me. So, I set them up in my studio, where the natural light is perfect.

I began with them set up like little soldiers, all in a perfect line. I was shooting, moving the colors around, but keeping the same basic line. And then my cat happened.

Before I could do anything, he jumped up on the table and swiped them all down with his paw. I decided I liked this layout. It gave a more natural feel to the spools of thread.

However, he still wanted to help with layout. I let him pick which colors stayed on the table and which went on the floor. I think he’s got great taste.

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