Cat fights and war wounds

Last week, Jackie Moon and Diana got into a massive cat fight. I was outside walking the dog. My husband was in the bed, sleeping. My husband heard lots of cat screaming and meowing. So, he booked it downstairs to find Jackie leaving my studio with his tail tucked. Diana followed him with a strut to her step. Hyler sat in the other room, looking dazed and confused. Hyler is not a fighter. When the other cats fight, Hyler tries to make it stop. When I got back in the house, I found Hyler had actually peed himself. So, the fight must have been a doozy. I checked all cats for wounds. I watched for limping, spotted none. We moved on.

Several days later, I noticed Jackie was sleeping a lot. He was not doing his regular pacing at night (a whole other story). I started watching him closely. He was eating with gusto. I noticed a very slight wobble when he walked. I watched for another day. After he ignored his favorite feather toy, I decided it was time to take him in to the vet.

So, to the vet we went. He had a fever. So, there was definitely some infection going on. When the vet tried to look him over, he noticed a particularly sensitive spot on the shoulder of his right front leg. Jackie had to be given light sedation. The vet shaved his shoulder and found a puncture wound. Possibly a bite, possibly a claw. Who knows?

Jackie Moon is now home and pissed off. I’m glad that I took him in when I did. There’s not much to be done about cat fights. He probably started that one. Since his favorite hobby is cornering Diana, I imagine it could happen again.

8 thoughts on “Cat fights and war wounds

  1. They sure are three beauties! And though two of them seem to be slightly norty beauties. ­čśÇ

    Sometimes it’s so hard to actually spot a wound on a cat, even when infected, as the infection will often stay inside, instead of a lump going upwards (and with all the fur, unless there’s a lump it’s nearly impossible). My tomcat always “get the face” when something’s wrong. Luckily I now got antibiotic cream for him at home, and always try to treat at home first (he hates the vet with a passion… it is always hell trying to get him in the carrier), but he still ends up with the vets a few times a year needing an antibiotic shot. *sigh* You’d think he’d stop his fighting days now that he’s 10. ­čśÇ

  2. Cat fights are awful. Glad you got him checked out. It’s often difficult to find small wounds that turn into big problems. Have you tried the Feliway (pheromone) products? They may help everyone chill on a new level and maybe even prevent future brawls.

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