A video of my sweet kitty

I often have people ask me where to find a good cat. They then inform me they don’t want a “feral” cat. It’s true some “feral” cats are indeed feral, they don’t want to be inside or touched or hang out with you. But if some of them do. Just give them a chance. This cat lived behind a gas station down the road from us for at least 5 years. She was outside, alone. She had kittens and was trapped by the Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee and spayed. They had to return her, since they did not have a home for her. The owners of the gas station started to complain and threatened to call the shelter and have her removed by animal control. My husband had been feeding her a little and thought she was pretty friendly. We took her, planning to keep her outside. But it didn’t take long for me to realize this girl was ready to be a part of a family. She has lived with us for several years now. She does fine with our other cats and she loves attention. Here is a video of her begging for pets.



8 thoughts on “A video of my sweet kitty

  1. She’s a lover baby! Such an important post. I would say that it’s more common for a “feral” to be relatively domesticated and fine in a home situation. There are the occasional true feral cats that are best managed through a strong T-N-R program. Love your kitty!!!

  2. We live in a rural area and ferals come by from time to time. You can kind of tell right away, can’t you, which ferals will soften up to people and the “unwild” life? Sometimes it takes a months. I had one cat that took nearly 6 months of care outside before I could even touch him. Today, he is a 100% indoor guy, loves his cat-housemates, and the gentle and easy inside life. But, even at his wildest, I could just tell he was going to come around. I’m glad you were able to help this kitty in need … lucky cat! 🙂

    • Yes, you can definitely tell. She loves being inside. She never tries to get outside. Once in a while she goes out onto the screened porch. But doesn’t stay long. She likes a nice cozy bed.

  3. awww. what a sweet kitty.. i love it when cats crave for attention.. right now i regularly feed 5 sometimes 6 outside cats.. they used to be feral, afraid of people, cannot be touched.. it took a while to earn their trust and now i could stroke them, they brush themselves on my feet, i could hold them and i think they know their names too because i gave them names.. well, they are still aloof of other people but not with me.. yes you could really tell which of them could fit in..among all those 6, there is 1 who really follows me around and when i open the door he comes inside in a flash, he even plays and wrestle with Tobi my shitzu.

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