9 thoughts on “Forces of Nature

  1. I love this style of photography but am never quite able to pull it off somehow – I blame it on having dodgy knees! Seriously, though, these photos are beautiful.

    • A lot of the newer cameras have an LCD that flips out and up, so you see it without having to get quite so low. These, however, were taken with a Pentax, which does not have that. I just had to be very careful.

      • Thanks for replying and yes, that’s right some newer cameras do have a flip/twist screen. I have one on my Canon (which is great) and a tilt screen on my Fujifilm X30, which ok but not as great as the one on the Canon. Light reflection on the screens can often make it difficult to see what’s in frame though. 😦 An iPad plus Trigger-Trap remote shutter release phone app may be a solution for me -when budget allows!

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