Of Elven Lore and Drow Legends

I decided to branch out in my photography and do something completely different than my usual stuff. I did a callout on a local Cosplay site and found some great folks willing to model for me. Chris and Jolene make a lot of their own cosplay items as well as offer their services for others. You can visit their store here and on Etsy.

So, we hiked into the woods, where one of my dear friends got poison ivy and I got chiggers. The price we pay for our art, right? I shot tons of photos. This is the first one that I have worked. I am also considering a background change. This gallery is one single photo that I have worked in several different ways. Any feedback on the photography and Photoshop is greatly appreciated! See new ones here. 

4 thoughts on “Of Elven Lore and Drow Legends

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