Making Goddesses

As previous posts have shown, I’ve been experimenting with my photography and with Photoshop. I’ve been trying to work with more people and leave my comfort zone a bit. So, I came up with a few ideas for some conceptual art. I tried to do them at home with myself as the model. And that did not work out for, oh, so many reasons – cats.  I thought it might work better if I could get into a studio space and do some work. But where does one find a studio that doesn’t require a commitment? So, I asked a friend, who is a professional photographer, and someone I respect greatly, if he knew of any spaces that I might rent for just a couple of days. His answer? “Use mine.” Just like that, he says, “use mine.” I was blown away by his generosity and trust in me.

Okay, so now, I have the space lined up. But what about equipment? I chose to rent a camera, as I wanted something super hi-res and dependable. I went with the Sony A7R. I use a Sony A7 at work, but did not want to use the work camera, for reasons. What about lights and modifiers and all of the things?! Holy cow, that could get pricey. But my friend says, “use mine.” Now, when I say this guy is a professional, I mean he’s been doing it for a while. He’s got everything anyone could need – gels, lenses, modifiers of all kinds, lights of all kinds. Everything. Wow!

I’ve now got the space and the equipment. But I don’t really have a plan. Well, that’s not true. I had a plan but it seemed unfeasible. I had originally wanted to do something very personal and feminist. I wanted to portray some personal issues that I am dealing with. However, that felt wrong for this. So, I needed a new plan. After much consideration and back and forth. I decided to go with the four elemental Goddesses – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

I spent lots of time thinking about it, looking for models and props. The daughter of a friend volunteered to be my makeup artist. She had a friend who was just starting out in modeling, so I had 1 model. I just needed three more. A good friend had volunteered, but she was unable to do it due to allergies (long story). I put the word out on Facebook and to other folks. A woman I work with asked a friend of hers, who while a little unsure, still said yes. The friend, who could not do it due to allergies, rounded up 2 more women for me. Models obtained. Then, I needed to dress them. Off to thrift stores and Goodwills I went.  I found several dresses at the local KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries), a few at Goodwill in Knoxville, and a couple at a Goodwill in Kentucky.

As they were, the dresses were fine. But boring. So, some dresses got repurposed for adornment. I added ribbons and beads for a flowing, bohemian feel. Another good friend loaned me tons of jewelry and I was ready to shoot.

Here are the original dresses. I do not have a before pic of the water dress. The fire dress ended up a combo of the black and red dresses. See the next post for after photos.

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