Color Vs. Black & White

Continuing my photography how to series, I want to talk a little about finishing the photos. So, you’ve grabbed your camera and gone out to shoot some cool street scenes. You’ve come back to your lair and found you don’t know what to do with them. I import all of my photos into Adobe Lightroom. From there, I do a quick flip through, rating them to decide which ones to work. Once I decide which ones to work, from Lightroom, I do some color correction and any lightening or darkening that needs done. I often use Lightroom to straighten any crooked photos as well. From Lightroom, I open it in Photoshop. Then I play with it, trying to decide how it should be finished. What’s the mood I want to convey? Do I want it to look modern and contemporary? Or do I want to give it a vintage feel. City scenes are perfect for the black and white treatment. The lack of color gives it a timeless feel. And if I really want to capture the dirt and grit of urban life, I may run it through a Topaz filter. Here are some photos that I have worked both ways so you can see the how much different the photo feels. On most of them, the only difference is I have removed the color. But it changes the whole mood of the image. As always, comments and questions are welcome! Feel free to share your own color vs. black and white blog entries!





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