The Little Things

My last blog was about getting things done or not as the case may sometimes be. I did get some things done that day. I worked on some mosaic candle holders. I took some pics of finished prints for my etsy shop. They came out pretty cool, I think. And went to work. Pretty proud of what I got accomplished that day. But since then things have changed. And they’ll be changing even more.

I found out the next day that I had been chosen for a job that I had interviewed for twice. I am so excited about this job. I truly believe that it is going to provide me with opportunities. It will definitely provide me with the chance to use my talents and abilities. But I’m a little scared. Change is always scary. Even if inside and out, you know it’s for the best. This is a change I have to make. A chance I have to take.

The last time I was this excited about a job change was 16 years ago. I was turning 25. I had just leased a new car (Saturn for anyone curious). My job had gotten stagnant. There wasn’t any growth and little opportunity for it. It was a small family owned company. The pay was okay but, compared to the new job, low. I made the decision to move forward, to take a chance. The day I went for my interview, I had also gone to see a dermatologist about a mole on my stomach. She cut it off and said she’d send it for testing. So I went to my interview with a small incision on my stomach and cancer on my mind. I guess I did okay. They offered me the job. Two days later, the dermatologist called to tell me the test had come back. I had malignant melanoma on my stomach. Cancer, the big C. So, there I was trying to change my life, start a new job, get things together and I had cancer. I worked out my notice, in between doctors visits and testing and preparing for surgery. I had surgery the day I should have started my new job. The doctor cut a 3 inch diameter plug out of my stomach and sent me on my way. Anesthesia does a number on me. It took about a week for me to be awake enough to consider starting work. Fortunately, my new employer was patient and waited for me. It was job I enjoyed. The people were great. But some things changed and not necessarily for the better and it was time to move on. So I did. I have worked several jobs since then. I will always remember the chance they gave me.

I admit that now I am a little afraid. I am scared that it’s too good to be true. That something ugly will rear it’s head and bite me. I’m not afraid that it’ll be a terrible place to work. I’ve met too many people that work there to think that. I think the job itself will be good. I’m afraid of the other little things that can wreak havoc on our lives. The little things that become big things.


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