Christmas in July? Yes, please.

Anyone that knows me for more than 5 seconds knows that I do not like to be cold. The sweaters and jackets that I carry in my car, my bag, and keep in my drawer at work all attest to this. Thus, it is a given that winter and I don’t do well together. There are great things about winter, I’m sure. But I can’t think of them right now. I guess if I could sit home and watch the snow, I wouldn’t mind so much. Not that we get lots of snow here. But it does get cold or what I call cold. I know that some of you northerners, truly know what cold is. You are better people than me. Cold is below 60° F. Don’t argue with me. It just is.

I love the lights, the bling, the swag of Christmas. I know you can argue that’s not what’s Christmas is about. But I’m not here to discuss that. This is my world we are in. Let’s just go with it. However, since Christmas is in December, it has become a hated holiday for me. Really, by December, my hermit tendencies become overwhelming. I want nothing more than to hide out in my living room, wearing my snuggy and a cat. My poor husband knows it’s coming. He tries every year to take me some place neat, hoping to cheer me up. Last year we went to Ft. Myers, FL. That was pretty dang awesome, I’ll say. It was 80 plus and sunny every day. Can I get an amen sister? So, I propose that in the future we hold Christmas in July for those winter hermits like myself. It would be awesome. I would decorate my whole house and go crazy with the outside lights in the yard. I’d be happy. I’d shop. I’d eat. I’d have so much fun. We can still have that thing in December for those wintery folks. But I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Because I would have already done my Christmas duties. Just an idea.



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