Tired and Maybe A Little Angry

Sometimes I just get tired. I get tired of apologizing for being a woman. I get tired of being afraid to go to a certain place or do certain things because I am a woman. I would love to travel the world. But I couldn’t go alone, because I am a woman. For some reason, the answer to women being attacked is tell them, stay home, don’t go out alone after dark. How about raising our male population with the idea that women should be allowed to go out without being accosted or judged?

I get tired of hearing men saying things like, “She should be more ladylike.” Or “She shouldn’t wear that skirt, it’s her own fault if something happens to her.” I get tired of hearing women bash other women for being pretty or ugly or fat or thin. I get tired of being put in a space where I don’t want to be. I get tired of assumptions. Like, you are a woman so it’s your fault the house is dirty. You’re a woman so you must like shopping, wasting money, spending all of your time putting on makeup. I get tired of some one telling me that because my body can produce a baby, it should. I don’t want children. I will never have children. Why is it acceptable for men to not want children? But all women must have biological clocks ticking away like time bombs, right? Or, this is a good one, they all have one foot in the wedding dress. Yes, sometimes I get tired of people judging me, judging other women they don’t know, just because we are women.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed. I am proud of who and what I am. I get angry sometimes, though. I mean I work hard. I pay taxes. I pay half the mortgage and half the bills. And for 6 years, owned my own home – alone. So, why is it acceptable for some one to marginalize me? I will not be held down. Or accept less than the utmost respect.

So, ladies, hold your head high. Respect yourself and demand nothing less from the people around you. Mothers, teach your daughters and your sons about respect for one another.  Fathers, do the same. Mothers and Fathers, remember that children learn from seeing. If you aren’t treating each other with respect, your children won’t learn.


3 thoughts on “Tired and Maybe A Little Angry

  1. Really, really, really love your post. Lots of people click “like” but few people say anything – at least – that’s what I’m finding around WordPress so far. I’m still relatively new. But oh, how I do agree with you, and really had to say so. I’m 38, no children and no plans to have any. And so tired of people criticising me for just speaking frankly. How many times have I had to say to someone, “If I were a man, you wouldn’t even react to that.” So fed up with having to “hold my own” against men who think they can browbeat me because I look skinny and helpless. And why oh why do women have to turn on each other all the time when we already get it bad enough from men? Definitely going to follow your blog! ~ Tilda

  2. Thanks for following Tilda. I think women are the worst when it comes to the no children thing. I constantly get the “‘well, dear, it’s not too late. You might change your mind.” I just ignore them now. I used to argue with them. But the truth is, they don’t deserve my wasted breath. I’m a small person, too. So I get ignored and pushed aside. I have learned to let them know that small doesn’t mean push over.

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