Autumn Beer Tasting: Samuel Adams Octoberfest

So, I almost didn’t get this done tonight. I already had one ale and it’s a work night, so I almost blew it off. But I am committed. I thought the least I could do is drink a beer for my fans. This one was a good pick.

The label is standard Samuel Adams with an orange, leafy tree background.  Poured, it’s a golden reddish color. Very close to the color on the label. The label is a little washed out in the photo. And look at that – almost no foam. The scent is clean, no strong hoppy smell. Good so far. The first taste is pleasing, but I can’t place the flavor. So I look at the label, it only discusses 5 roasted malts. But it also describes the beer as having a “rich, hearty flavor”. Agreed. That’s exactly how I would describe it. I still can’t quite place the flavor, but it’s still pretty dang good. This is a more than one beer. I’d buy a six pack of this. This beer would be nice with a good pork roast.


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