Autumn Beer Tasting: Shiner Oktoberfest

On the label it says Marzen-style. I cannot tell a lie, at least not about beer. I do not know what that means. And I don’t care enough to look it up.

Speaking of labels, it’s a pretty one. It’s a nice autumn orange with white and gold accents. But the Shiner logo is there and it’s prominent. Oh, and Oktoberfest is spelled with a K. Just so you don’t think I spelled it wrong.

Poured, it’s a beautiful orange amber color. It’s very close to the color on the label. The scent is strong and hoppy. But the taste is great. I expected a strong, bitter taste, but there was none. Not even an aftertaste.  It’s a nice clean crisp flavor. Not particular autumn-like, though. It could easily pass for a summer ale. Of course, maybe I’m just used to autumn ales being strong and heavy.


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