NaNoWriMo Update

It’s mid-month and I’m at 30,000 plus words. I feel good about my chances this month. I am on vacation this week, so I’ll have a little extra time to work on it.  My story is taking shape and actually makes sense. So far this month, there have been 2 days that I have not written. There are several people in my regional group who have over  50,000 words already. Those people rock. Maybe I can do that next year.

I thought of writing lots of excuses. Excuses why I’ve not done it before now. But they are just that – excuses. In the end, I just did not do it. But this year, I will.

I am having fun writing this year. I am enjoying going to the write-ins. I could not do that before because I worked at night and attending them was not an option. Having a support system in place has made a huge difference for me. I can yell out a quick “I need a female name for the mother of the main character’s boyfriend!” And several people answer. Or “I need a quick idea for this or that.” It really does help.

With all the fun I’m having, I would change one thing about NaNoWriMo. If I were queen of the world, I would  make it happen in June or July. The days are longer and the sun inspires me. Also, Thanksgiving. And for those in college – exams.

Maybe I’ll have my own Novel Writing Month this summer and make all my friends from the regional group participate.

This photo has nothing to do with novel writing. It’s just a random photo from last summer.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. Hmm. Did WP eat my comment? I can’t tell. If it did, I’ll repeat this: great job on the word count!

    Anyway, Camp NaNoWriMo sounds like fun, and it’s in June and August. I might join it this year, to get more time noveling. 🙂

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