My List

It seems like everyone is making a list of some kind. A bucket list, a list of things  they hate, a list of things they love, the list of favorite authors, the list of favorite books or movies, the list goes on and on. So, I decided to make my own list. This is a list of things I don’t understand.

10. Kudlow Report – My husband watches Kudlow every day. I zone out and try to ignore Kudlow’s hate filled rants. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. I don’t often agree with Kudlow.

9. Why the people on House Hunters want to see a condo in downtown NYC, but then complain about the noise? You know the city has a lot people in it, right? And people make noise.

8. Why anyone would want to be POTUS? It’s a shitty job. Really, think about it. It doesn’t matter if you shit gold and give it away. They will hate you for it. You will never be right. You won’t get credit for anything, but you will always get the blame.

7. Why doesn’t every home come with an automatic window washer? You know, like you have on your car. If I could just push a button and have wipers clean it off, I might be able to see out my dirty windows.

6. Why would you want to eat chicken on pizza? I am not knocking chicken. I love chicken wings. But on pizza? It just doesn’t seem right to me. Pizza should have pork products or vegetables, nothing else. Maybe pineapple, but that’s as far as I go on that.

5. Why does my cat act like an asshole lately? He used to be a real sweetheart. But lately he’s going after all the other cats. He doesn’t listen to me when I tell him to leave them alone. He’s driving me crazy.

4. Why when a company or sports team is doing poorly they fire the leader (CEO/Coach) and then promptly give them several million dollars? Who writes the contracts for these people? And why can’t I get a contract like that?

3. Why do sick people come to work or visit at my house? They know they are sick. They know they are contagious. But yet they feel a need to run around town and spread the plague.

2. Why do people move out into the woods and promptly want to kill any wild animal they see? Part of the reason to move out into the wilderness is to enjoy the wildlife and scenery, but you want to chop down every tree that looks sad and kill everything that moves.

1. Why is that people that live out in the country don’t have things like lights on the roads? You’ve got electricity. You’ve got plumbing. Why in the hell can’t you put up a street light or two?

2 thoughts on “My List

  1. My favourites are numbers 7 and 3. The inside of my house is immaculate most of the time; but my little back garden is mad-looking (basically it’s a place for my dog to lift his leg between walks) and the outside of my windows … not exactly impressive. Well, you know, I have to prioritise. To me, most of the time, if it’s “outside”, it doesn’t count!

    And yes, people should stay at home when they are sick! I do. I feel bad enough for my poor husband having to share the “contaminated” house with me, and keep apologising in advance in case he catches it.

  2. I never apologize to my husband when I’m sick. He’s usually the one that got me sick in the first place.

    As much as I love being outside, working to keep it clean is not high on the priority list. Maybe a priority list should be my next list.

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