Office Dreams

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

The room is flooded with sun. The floor is stained concrete with a pattern of grape vines and leaves embedded and hints of color. In the middle of the room there is an area rug. It is round and tan with a vine pattern. The pattern has hints of red flowers and green leaves, but nothing too bright or overwhelming. On the rug sits a small, antique writing desk, which has a 27” iMac with a monitor hood. The glass walls have sheer white curtains to filter the light and provide a soft warm feel. Against the glass walls are benches covered in over-sized, brightly, colored cushions. On one of these benches, there are two cats, sunning themselves.

The view? It looks out on a quiet beach. The sand is white and cool leading into clear, blue water. The waves lightly land with a soft sound. The occasional dolphin rising up out of the water in the far distance.

6 thoughts on “Office Dreams

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