Up before the sun

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine – Early bird, or night owl?

I place myself firmly in the early bird category. For years, I worked nights. There were things about that schedule that I loved. I liked not needing an alarm clock. I hate being frightened out of my sleep by loud noises. I enjoyed taking naps during the day because it didn’t matter if I slept all night or not. I like that I could make appointments and not have to worry about missing work. Oh, yeah and shopping was infinitely better because there weren’t so many assholes out. They were all at work. But my body did not like nights. I felt tired all the time. I had no energy and I was miserable.

Now that I have a regular day job, I feel much better. I usually wake up before the clock goes off. Although, I do set it, just in case. I arrive to work before the sun rises. I hate to get there after 7 am. Although, most of the people I work with don’t arrive until 9 or so. I like the quiet of a sparsely populated office. Seeing the sunrise is just as nice as seeing the sunset. One morning, I drove into work and the full moon was still high in the sky. But behind me the sun was rising, it was an amazing thing to see. My body likes mornings. I like mornings. It does help that I also love my job. So, early bird it is.


The view from my office in the morning.

The view from my office in the morning.


Sunrise from my office window.

Sunrise from my office window.


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