Read it again and again and again

Daily Prompt: Second Time Around – Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

I love to read. I read several books at a time in different format. I read an e-book on the iPad, read a regular book (paperback) at home, and listen to a book on my iPhone ( or your local library). Depending on my schedule and my husband’s work schedule, I can finish them all in a week. So every week – 3 books. I generally don’t reread books I’ve already read. Just like I don’t watch movies I’ve already seen. But there are a few books that I have and will reread again.

Jane Eyre is the first that comes to mind. I have read this book at least 20 times in my life. And then there are the movies. A new version comes out every couple of years. I have seen them all. I think Jane’s independent streak speaks to me. She has a deep seated strength that pushes her to follow her own will despite her fears. She has an easy path to take and a hard one. She doesn’t choose the easy. She does what she her heart tells her. And sappy love story. Who can resist that?

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are number 2 on this list. I love fantasy novels. And hobbits. And dwarves and elves. The whole book and the sense of adventure speak to me. They pull me into the world of Middle Earth. If I ever become wealthy, there will be a mini Shire in my backyard. It’s the same with the movies. Peter Jackson has brought these books to life.

Marie Fleur by Patricia Phillips. This is a romance novel. I don’t read those often anymore. But this is a bit of an epic style novel with plenty of plot twists and curves. What I love about this novel is what I love about Jane Eyre. The heroine is a strong woman who never gives up. She faces life with a strong will and a intense sense of self that I find intriguing.

That’s my current list. I may come back and add a few later.

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