The neighborhood noisiness

Now that it is spring, I have started opening up the screened porch for the cats. It’s warm enough for me to sit out there as well. It’s generally quiet after a certain time. But lately, it’s been chaotic. The sounds of the neighborhood are distracting me. I am sure those sounds existed before, but I never seemed to mind. But now, they are distracting. Yesterday, the neighbor’s Chihuahua stood outside and barked for 4 straight hours. I love dogs. I do. But I wanted to pinch that dog’s head last night. Tonight, there was a great deal of traffic noise. The neighbors on one side were outside yelling at their children. The neighbors behind have attained a harmonica. And in the distance, a sad, howling hound dog. Then an ambulance, a fire truck, a hot rod and I believe a whole motorcycle club. Then the frogs started to sing. I don’t mind the frogs. But all the sounds were distracting me and the cats. I can only hope that as summer arrives, it will get better. Maybe the heat will keep the crazies inside. I can handle frogs and birds and the occasional hot rod whizzing by, but the rest of it might make me crazy.


5 thoughts on “The neighborhood noisiness

  1. Nothing worse than noise when you need a descent nights sleep. I have 2 weiros. One sings beautifully and the other squarks half the day. Drives me batty. I can only imagine what the neighbours think. They live inside as they got attacked by a hawk a couple of years ago. So maybe they don’t hear them like I do. I put soothing music on for them. Hugs Paula. Xxx

    • I think we get used to sounds. You would miss the sounds they make, if they stopped. When I visit my parents who live in a very rural setting, I can never sleep or get comfortable. It’s too quiet there. I miss the sounds of the city.

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