Lil Wayne

Does anybody have an issue with Lil Wayne’s rap being about brutalizing the person he is having sex with? Actual lyrics are “Beat that p***y up like Emmett Till.”  Would it be acceptable if he just said, “Beat that p***y till you die” or “beat you and torture you until I get off”? But because he used an actual name, it’s become a problem. Why is no one talking about the brutality being expressed here? Why isn’t anyone discussing this? I have a huge issue with it.

I will not go off on the rant I feel welling up in me right now. I just needed to get that one opinion out there. Carry on.

5 thoughts on “Lil Wayne

  1. Have to say I’ve never heard it. But boy, musicians get away with heaps these days. Half the female artists have to be naked and provocative just to sell their music. Why is that? Hugs Paula. Xx

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