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It’s a sign…

I look for signs in everything. When I was extremely depressed and miserable at my previous job, I looked for signs everywhere. Signs telling me that I should play the lottery. Signs telling me that I should just quit. Signs telling me to shut the hell up and live with it. One time I remember being so down and so tired, I just thought I could not stand any more of it. And I was on my way into work and there before me – a double rainbow. I took that as a sign that all would be well. A sign that I should be patient, my time would be coming soon. Of course, it didn’t show up for another 6 months, but that double rainbow carried me through a few nights at least.

Then the previously mentioned fortune cookie arrived. If I have not said this before, let me say it now, I have ideas. I have ideas all day, every day. I dream up ways to make this or that better. I dream up new ideas all the time. My husband hates to hear the phrase, “I’ve been thinking.” Because it usually involves some ridiculous plan of mine. Maybe it’s to knock out a wall and put in french doors. French doors which will lead to a brand new sunroom or balcony. Or let’s put a tile floor in there or remove the wallpaper (previous owner) and paint. Or go on trip. Or start a business. Some of you will recall that’s how this blog got started. I opened an Etsy store to sell prints of my photographs. That idea did not work out so well. A lot of my ideas don’t work out so well. Mostly because I am terrible at follow through. And planning, I suck at planning. But when that fortune cookie arrived, it was a sign for me to start that Etsy store. It did not work out, but it gave me a window of hope in a hard time.

Now, I have a new job that I love. But I feel in my personal life, I’ve become complacent. I’ve not gone anywhere. I don’t even go out to concerts or shows anymore. I’ve become a hermit. So, look at this. A new sign. A sign for me to get off of my ass and do something. But I don’t know what. Any suggestions?

A sign

A sign


I am serious about suggestions. I am open to ideas. But please nothing dangerous or stupid. Trolls keep your ideas to yourselves please.

One thought on “Now taking suggestions

  1. Plan to travel someplace you’ve never been. Read a book in a genre you’ve never read, then write a review. Begin a crafting project with materials you’ve never used. Whatever you choose to do, share it with us! 🙂

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