Ideas and Fortune Cookies

I remember when I got this fortune. It was encased in a stale fortune cookie. And we won’t discuss the quality of the other food. I received it several years ago, when I was looking at 40 and terrified that my life was a giant waste. I have always been full of ideas – crafty ideas, logical ideas, even some good ideas. But I am not so good at the follow through. I have often wished that someone else would steal a few of them just so I can see them in action. But alas, my fellow man has not been so kind. I held on to it for a while. I thought it would bring me luck. Perhaps even push me to be proactive about my life. But eventually it got lost in the sea of clutter that surrounds me. I stayed stuck in my rut. I did not do the things I talked of doing. I did not follow through on my ideas. I let them sit around and get old and rusty. But in 2012, something clicked. I woke up. I did things I said I was going to do. I followed through. I feel like 2013 is going to be an even better year for me. After all, I found this today.


I should also mention that on the reverse side it says “LEARN CHINESE- Beer”  and it has Chinese for beer. Not at all sure what that means. But I do love beer.

7 thoughts on “Ideas and Fortune Cookies

  1. I like this very much. I think it is very significant that you found this and I really admire that you did things in 2012! It’s not too late to change and become like that but I know its really difficult so I have huge admiration that you did it. I know one man who I know for most of my life and he is always telling the new ideas and things he is planning and what he’s going to do, and for many years I believed him always but he was always disappointing because he never did anything. He never had any action, only the ideas. Now he still talks about his ideas all the time, and I just go “yes, yes” but I never believe and he never does it. So he just has the brain cells, but I don’t think he has so many of those either! LOL. I really admire that you are using your ideas and I’m sure they are very wondeful ideas because I see all the beauty and good things on your blog. I wish this man would also change, and now I see that it’s really possible and you did it! I will tell him about you for proof. And I will tell him about the fortune cookie and those words.

  2. You should have flipped it over and shown us the back too so we could all learn beer in Chinese. Beer is one of those words it’s important to know in pretty much every language. As a question it can get you where you want to be. As an exclamation it can be a toast. It can be a gift for someone you’ve wronged. Yep, a useful word for tons of situations you may find yourself in.

    I too hope that I can turn 2013 into a year of setting my ideas into motion. I need to get off my couch more and go after what I want. Might need to set the beer aside to do that, but before I do, I’ll raise a bottle to both of our successes this year.

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