Red Sangria by Purple Rosemary

Red Sangria

Ginger Ale (I get a 2 liter)

Dry Red Wine*

1/2 lemon

1/2 lime

1/2 orange

1/4 cup blueberries

1 tsp fresh grated ginger


fresh mint

Slice the orange and the lemon. Cut the lime in half. Take the fresh mint and put it in the bottom of your pitcher. Bruise the mint. You can do this in the pitcher. Just use a long handled spoon to press it against the bottom and the sides. Put your orange slices and lemon slices in. Put your blueberries and raspberries in there. Squeeze the lime to release the juice into the pitcher. You can throw the rind with the pulp into the pitcher. I do. Or throw it out. Pour in the ginger ale to fill about half of the pitcher. Grate the ginger over the pitcher, like I told you here. Stir. Pour in wine until it’s full. I usually use a little brandy in there, too. But I did not have any and the liquor stores are closed. On the Fourth of July. Yes. But I digress. Stir everything really well. There are probably going to be seeds and pulp in there. If that bothers you, remove the seeds from the orange and lemon before using them. If you don’t like the pulp, just squeeze the juice out into the pitcher and don’t put the slices in. But if you do that, you are missing out on a tasty treat later. Just saying. Put that pitcher in the fridge. Do not touch it for at least 12 hours. Trust me Sangria is so much better after the flavors have had time to marry and love each other a bit. As you pour the Sangria out, you can pour in more wine and ginger ale. The fruit will stay good for several days. Be sure to add some of that fruit to your glass. When you are finished drinking it, you can eat the tasty fruit. Remember the fruit’s been soaking in that Sangria, so it’s going to be strong.

*A quick note about the wine. I like to use a really dry wine. That’s why it is important to let it sit for awhile before drink. It will eventually sweeten up. But the dry wine keeps it from getting too sweet.

You will have leftover orange, lemon, and lime. You can set them aside and use them for tea. You can use the lemon and lime for salsa or your Yummy Yogurt Dip.

If you do not drink alcohol, you can replace the wine with fruit juice.

Red Sangria

Red Sangria

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