Things no one tells you about having a dog

As anyone who knows me for more than 5 seconds knows, I’m a bona fide cat person.  Up, down, in, out, 100% cat person. Yet for some unknown reason, I decided that I wanted a dog. I had enough sense to get an older dog. I’ll give myself credit for that. But, seriously, what the hell was I thinking?! Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog. In the grand scheme of canines, he’s a good dog. But he’s still a dog and I’m still a cat person. Fortunately, for Vinnie, my husband is a dog person, so I don’t feel so bad about it. I have had dogs before, as fosters and pet sitting for friends. But the cats and I knew that was temporary, so it felt different. But Vinnie’s here to stay now. So, the cats and I have to adjust. Here’s a list of things I did not know about dogs.

1. Dogs are crazy and goofy

2. They bark at shit no one else can hear or see.

3. They worry about shit nobody else cares about.  For instance, why is that car pulling into a driveway half a mile down the road? I must bark at them so they know this area is protected.

4. “I’ll just sit over here and take a nap.” Nodding off, then ” Holy shit, pet me, now! Now!”

5. They are very picky about where they poop. We have walked around the yard for 20 minutes, looking for just the right spot. Usually, it’s the first place we started.

6. Speaking of bathroom habits. They have to pee on everything, five or six times a day.

7. They are hungry. All. The. Time. What the fuck is this?

8. Your cats will never, ever, ever forgive you for this. Seriously, I sleep with one eye open.

My dog’s name is Vinnie. He’s around 8 years old. He is missing an ear and some teeth. We do not know his history, as he came from a rescue that pulled him from a high intake shelter. So, the truth is I guess we got lucky that he doesn’t try to kill my cats regularly or poop in the house. I’d say all and all we got lucky.





5 thoughts on “Things no one tells you about having a dog

  1. Hey, how’s life? 🙂

    He looks adorable but I too am a cat person. I only had a dog when I lived at home as a teenager. I loved him but he did all these things you just wrote about! LMAO Hence, I’m a cat lover! hahaha But doggies are cute and mans best friend, so they tell me! 🙂 Have a great weekend, hugs Paula xxxx

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