Good Things in 2013


Good Things that happened to me in 2013


  1. I got a new camera. Having a new camera has awakened the artist in me. And it’s also created a maddening travel bug.

  2. I got a dog. He’s annoying and goofy, but I love him anyway.

  3. I still love my job. No lie.

  4. My husband changed jobs, so now we have the same schedule. He used to work at night. It felt like we did not see each other much.

  5. We got a new tiled shower installed. I’ve been wanting one since we moved here. We finally got it.

  6. All the people I love  are still around and doing well.

  7. I’m still alive and doing well.

  8. I started cooking like a fiend. Mostly because we were broke and couldn’t afford to go out. But I discovered that I like cooking almost as much as I like eating.


Please share the good things that happened to you. You can place a link in the comments section.


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