Casualties of Winter

Every year, we put Santa and Frosty on the front porch. They are often the only Christmas decorations we put up. They look adorable up there, all lit up, bright and colorful. Then when Christmas is over, they spend another few weeks on the front porch (possibly it’s been months in the past). However, now we have a dog. I am sure you are asking yourself what that has to do with anything. Well, I often tie the dog up on the front porch. Don’t worry, he just sits there watching the cars go by. It’s never for more than 30 minutes or so. And I am always home. So, nobody troll me about abusing my dog. Anyway, Vinnie likes to pee. A lot. So, he peed on Frosty and Santa this year. So, we finally threw them out back with a plan to clean them as soon as spring popped up. I found them on the back porch today, looking as though they were victims of some horrible crime, possibly a drive-by shooting or peeing, if you will.

Frosty is face up. Does that mean that he was taken by someone he knew? Maybe someone he trusted. Perhaps Frosty was going in for a warm, winter hug, when POW, right in the kisser!

Santa is face down. Was he stabbed in the back? He must have been running from his attacker. Or maybe he was turning to pour the tea, when WHAM, right in rear!

Either way, they are both down for the count and not to be seen again until next Christmas. Happy Spring!

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