Love Letters

When we first moved into our house, we found a packet of love letters hidden in the cellar. These letters seem to chronicle the beginnings of love, to marriage, to divorce. And quite possibly an affair. I have considered several options for these letters. I have let them sit in the drawer while I considered the options. Perhaps trying to use them as a basis for a novel or short story. Or maybe just putting them back. It feels very voyeuristic to be reading them. And especially to make up a story surrounding them. But as a photographer, I’m sort a voyeur by nature. So, I decided to use them in some photo collages. Here is what I’ve done so far.

4 thoughts on “Love Letters

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  2. Commenter Aimee has a very good idea – scrapbooking them would be a great idea and a good way to keep those memories intact. I keep all handwritten letters, birthday cards, postcards…don’t know why. They are always such a joy to read on a random rainy day. Maybe I’m just a sentimental person. Great interpretation on the theme ­čÖé

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