On my way home from work today, I thought of ranting about the idiocy of bad decisions. I live in a town with several interstates. And for some reason, the powers that be decided to do construction on every single one of them. At the same time. Getting anywhere is a pain in the ass. But I’m not going to rant. I’m going to revel. Revel in the joys of spring.

I am sitting on my screened in porch, listening to the frogs courting and the birds singing. The sun has dropped just below the horizon. The air is a little cool with a slight breeze. My husband sits in the chair beside me, surfing the web on his tablet. I sit in my chair and alternately write and work on photographs for my online gallery. The cats snooze, occasionally catching sight of a bird or bug and trying to chase after it. The dog, well, he’s a dog. He gets restless, but mostly settles in for a break. Life is good. Spring is here.

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