Taking It Easy

I forgot to mention that yesterday we decided to forgo the toast and pay the extra £5 (5 pounds) for the English breakfast at the hotel. Holy eggs, that was a waste of money! It was rubbery, fried eggs, dry scrambled eggs and boiled eggs. We had been hoping for some yogurt or at the very least a different type of carb. Nope. So, this morning the rest of the group went to do something, leaving me to myself for the day. The first thing I did? I found a nice cafe with delicious chocolate croissants and espresso.

I made my way to the National Gallery of Art, which houses over 2300 paintings. One cool thing about London is that ALL of their museums have free entry. It’s a great thing to be able to walk in and enjoy art for free. The art ranges in dates from the mid-13th century to the 1900. I did not see everything. That would take more than a day. But I did see some incredible work.

From there I went to Covent Garden and Jubilee Market. I think that going there on the weekend would be much better. But it was a Monday, so it wasn’t that great. There were quite a few artists with beautiful work. But trying to get some of those items home would have been a pain, so I decided to spend my art money at home. There are also lots of vintage shops with some pretty cool stuff. But I just didn’t find anything to excite me.

Then, we went to see Billy Elliot the Musical. The theater was hot and crowded. Then a boatload of children, around 12, came in and sat behind us. I thought that might be a problem. But once the show got started, all was forgotten. It was a great show. Even the kids seemed taken with it. So, if you get a chance, go see it!

I spent most of the day just taking in the sights and enjoying the different cultures that London brings to one place. A nice relaxing day.



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