National Novel Writing Month – Update

I did it! I wrote 50,106 words in 25 days. And they are useful words. Words that make sense. There are, no doubt, typos in there. There are a great many things I will change in December, when I begin editing. But it feels good to have accomplished a goal. I have tried this for the past 5 years. Each year, I have put more and more into it. And each year, I have gotten more words. This year, I did it.

4 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month – Update

  1. Wow, well done!! I know you talk about your writing goals quite often, so big congratulations!! ­čÖé And you get a nice Certificate and everything – how nice! What did you write about? Are you going to do anything with it now?

    • I will continue writing it. The novel itself is not finished. When I have it finished, I will start editing. I hope to be able to start editing in January. It is a fantasy romance novel, the first of a trilogy.

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