2013 List

Another list. Sorry. But it’s all I have in me right now. This list is not a list of resolutions. It is a list of things I would like to happen for myself and my family in 2013.

  1. Keep my job. I won’t lie. I am terrified of losing my job. I have a bad habit of constantly waiting for bad things to happen.
  2. I would like to be able to travel more. I love to travel and we haven’t done any this year. I have reasons for not traveling right now. It would be nice to be able to do so soon.
  3. I would like to take more photos. See above.
  4. I would like for my husband to either find a new job or find happiness in his current job.
  5. I would like for my friends to find happiness and peace.
  6. I would like for my family to find happiness and peace.
  7. I would like to stop hearing about politics for a few days.
  8. I would like to see my novel grow and become something I can be proud of.
  9. I would like to get the windows on my house clean.
  10. As long as we are talking about things that will likely never happen – I’d like to win the lottery
  11. Oh, and world peace, of course.


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