Daily Prompt: Kick It – Bucket List

Daily Prompt: Kick It

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

Number 11 on my bucket list: Grow things

I have always wanted to live on a farm. Growing up, we were surrounded by farms. They raised cattle and one neighbor had some pigs and chickens. I was not interested in that type of farming. I wanted to plant things. I still want to plant things. If we were to ever have land, I would definitely have a kitchen garden. It would have tomatoes, peppers, corn, grapes, herbs, and lots of other edibles. I would have grape vines and an orchard full of fruit trees. I used to have pecan trees. I might like to have something like that again. I like to grow edibles. Flowers are nice, but I like to get more return out of something.

I admit that I have tried to garden in the past. I have not been successful. However, I keep trying. Every year I put something in the garden. I vow to water, weed, fertilize and tend it. But life gets in the way and I find it looking pretty sad within a month or two. In my defense, my current location is not great for gardening. We don’t really have a great sunny spot for tomatoes or other items that need lots of sun. And watering has proven to be difficult. I have a rain barrel. But getting the water from the barrel to the garden is not always easy. However, I did get a new barrel. I can attach a water hose to it. That might help. As for weeding, well, I guess I will just have to stop being lazy.

So the plan this year is to have a raised bed. That will help keep some of the weeds out. I can’t do much about the sun situation, but I will keep trying. I am considering composting. I’ve been thinking of that for years, but just haven’t done it yet. So, maybe 2013 is the year of the garden for me.




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