Alexandra the Great: 1994-2013

After being up and down for several weeks, I had to let Alexandra go today. She had been doing fairly well. She was eating. Her fur was looking better and was getting around well. As I was feeding her this morning, I noticed her rear leg looked swollen and she was slow getting up and down. I thought maybe it was a reaction to some of the medication she had been taking. She was scheduled for a follow up appointment this morning anyway. So I texted my husband, who was taking her to the vet because I had to work, to have them check her leg. He said okay. He was hanging out with her and noticed some blood on her fur. He looked her over, trying to find where the blood was coming from and realized it was coming from her nose. He took her over to the vet immediately. He sent me a text telling me about it. I shut my computer down, told my boss I had to leave and booked it to the vet’s office across town. When I got there, she was very calm and let me hold her. She did not seem to be in a great deal of pain or discomfort, but I knew. I knew it was time. The vet felt she likely had some type of tumor or cancer. I wanted her to go at home. I had my cat, Ada, done at my house. It was very nice for all of us. But it did not work out for Alex. I don’t think she really minded much. She was very quiet and peaceful. Her quietness was a sure indication that she was not doing well. She is a regular grump and does not like to be held. She went quickly and quietly. She likely would have gone on her own in the next day or two.


If you know me at all, you know that I love the beach. I always wanted to have a small house on the beach with a hammock on the porch. I wanted Alex to be there with me. It’s my happy, go to place and she is always there. Maybe she is there now. I hope she is lounging in the warm sun. I imagine her walking on the beach, leaving surprises for the tourists.

Good-bye Alexandra the Great. You came. You hissed. You growled. You ruled the roost.



13 thoughts on “Alexandra the Great: 1994-2013

  1. i’m so sorry for your loss.. alex will surely be missed.. you’ve really taken good care of her all her life and lived to almost 20.. i know no amount of words could make you feel better now but maybe just imagine her playing, running (and hissing and growling) under the rainbow bridge.. she’s really beautiful .

  2. Oh…my heart breaks for you. In most ways, you are so lucky to have had a companion in Alexandra for 19 years and to have shared your life together. But, I know that this is the hardest thing we, as pet parents, must do. It’s never easy, it is always sad…and always a life-change. Please know that I am thinking of you and sending you a virtual hug.

  3. I am so sorry that you lost someone you loved so much. I am having to let go of my beautiful cat named Cinderella after 12 years. She has not left this world yet but when she does there will be a huge hole in my heart and soul. I want to run outside and scream it hurts so badly just thinking about it. I just can not find the strength to let her go. Pray for Cinderella if you will I am hoping for a miracle that she can be touched and healed by our heavenly father. I have talked to her all day as I fed her, laid down beside her last night to sleep kissed her everytime I walked out of the house today for fear it would be the last time.

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