Doing Dublin

So the hotel in London had agreed to make an early breakfast for us. You will recall that the “Continental Breakfast” had previously consisted of toast and cereal. So, we were wondering what our “special” breakfast would be. Guess what? Toast. We didn’t even get cereal.

Then there was Gatwick airport. The airline desk did not open until exactly 2 hours before the flight. Okay, it’s a small airline, so I get that. But then, they don’t tell you which gate your flight is until exactly 1 hour before flight time. The minute it was announced, we went to the gate, thinking we would set our stuff down, then have a few minutes to do things like go to the bathroom. No. The gate area is enclosed, so once you are in, you do not go out. Since there was a huge line, we did not have time to visit the restroom. So, I had to wait until we got on the plane. The plane was packed. And for fun times, I had an inside seat. My bladder was screaming, but the woman in the aisle seat was obviously not interested in getting up to let me go to the bathroom, so I had to wait until we landed. The flight wasn’t long, but damn it was annoying. The plane was a flying flea market. They were selling everything from food to jewelry. Rant over.

We got to Dublin and it was much better than the London arrival. We were able to check in to our hotel. We were treated very well there. We had lunch at a pub a few doors down and just relaxed for a minute. We then went downtown where we met a tour guide who took us on a walking tour. Dublin city center is not very large, so it was easy to see most of it. We swung by Dublin Castle and through Temple Bar and to some shopping areas. We had been pretty lucky as far as weather went, but it rained pretty hard on us. And it was much cooler. A pint of Guinness made everything better.

After a nice dinner at the hotel, it was bedtime.





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