The Scruffy City

The weekly photo challenge is local. Which I consider rather fortuitous, since I was working on a blog about Knoxville anyway.  These pics were all taken during the KelbyOne Photowalk. I have recently been embracing my deep love of reflections and shadows.

Most of these photos say a great deal about what is happening in Knoxville. We are definitely growing and having a resurgence of our downtown. It’s been happening for several years now. Our downtown used to be where people worked in offices and then left to shop or eat or live. But now, it is a bustling destination all its own. Most of the buildings have already been renovated and are full of lofts, shops, and restaurants. However, there are some still in process and some that may have to be torn down to make way for new. Knoxville is often referred to as the Scruffy City thanks to an article in the Wall Street Journal in 1980. At the time, it was meant as an insult, but the town has embraced it and the locals like to “keep Knoxville scruffy.”


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